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En esta REVISIÓN planteamos una nueva forma de acometer la tos crónica más centrada en laringe y esófago. Que sea de interés. Un saludo Dr. Adalberto Pacheco


Refractory chronic cough, or the need to focus on the relationship between the larynx and the esophagus

Adalberto Pacheco
Cough 2013, 9:10 doi:10.1186/1745-9974-9-10
Published: 3 April 2013

Abstract (provisional)

In this review we question the current way of handling tackle a problem of chronic cough, especially by the excessive number of patients who can not find complete relief from your cough by anatomical diagnosis of universal use. From the field of Otolaryngology new perspectives arise now considering the larynx as a preferential afferent stimuli cough reflex arc. Also the constitution laryngopharyngeal reflux gas and new approaches to non-acid reflux and the local action of pepsin in laryngeal deserving of a joint review, which can illuminate new ways to handle the problem of chronic refractory cough. We believe that the chronic cough syndrome hpersensitivity as more precise label for chronic cough, should place particular emphasis on laryngeal sensory neuropathy as cough and reflux the influence that may have on their maintenance, and thereby causes definitely wide related to the syndrome if the larynx is incorporated, place greater number of afferent nerves of chronic cough, which are sure to cover much of the case of refractory cough remain without a satisfactory solution. The close collaboration between Otolaryngology, Gastroenterology and Pneumology in a patient with refractory chronic cough seems now an unavoidable necessity.

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